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The Power Share program

  • What is the Power Share program?

    The Power Share program has been designed to increase your knowledge of your customers thanks to the contribution of the entire WifiGem network. The assumption is that you are using the login with Social Media, in order to exploit the potential of WifiGem as a marketing tool.

    When a customer connects to your WifiGem network, leaves information about its social profile on your dashboard. The other Power Share members where the same user has connected in the past, will know that that user has connected on your network, being also informed about date, time, place, duration of the connection and your business category.

    The same goes for you when your customers connect on another WifiGem network. The information that you receive will enable you to better understand your customers's needs and will help you create targeted marketing campaigns.

WifiGem to share information with other members
The contribution of all, the best result for everyone
  • The value of sharing

    What happens if a Power Share member provides less data than it receives?

    Any information about a user, received or supplied to the Power Share program, has a value, but the value of the information given is equivalent to that received, because it only depends on the number of the other Power Share members who own (receive or provide) the same information, not by the number of times the information is accessed.

    Therefore the contribution of each new program member is not lower than that of all the others. The value of information increases with the number of WifiGem networks the user connects to, so each new program member provides a tangible contribution right away.

    Given the absolute equivalence between the data supplied and received by the program, it follows a common interest, for all members, to extend as much as possible the WifiGem network.


    For the reasons above, the cost of membership is fixed and does not depend on the number of owned users.

  • Joining and withdrawing the program

    Power Share membership is optional. Even if you take advantage of the social media login, you may decide not to join, avoiding to share with the program members the information on common social media users.

    You can join the program at any time with a minimum of 10 users who already connected to other members' WifiGem networks. Membership implies sharing the information about the common social media users with the other program members.

    Withdrawing from the program is possible at any time as well. The information provided until the time of withdrawal, will still be accessible to the other members. The new information gathered on your WifiGem network after the withdrawal, will not be shared.

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