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WifiGem Partners - SecPoint

  • About SecPoint

    SecPoint is the creator of some of the most innovative IT Security products currently available on the market. They have been in business since 1999 and over the years they have grown a huge expertise in Network protection, Vulnerability assessment, WiFi scan. Today they are steadily placed as one of the most appreciated Companies in these fields, with a world-wide sales and business partners network.

    The SecPoint Search and Development department is constantly searching for innovative solutions and actively works to release the state-of-art solutions to their customers. The products Secpoint is working on are:

    • The Protector. It's a High Performance UTM VPN Firewall, released on hardware appliances and virtual editions, that offers powerful incoming & outgoing Network protection, firewall, Intrusion prevention, Anti Spam, Antivirus, Web Filter, VPN and more.
    • The Penetrator. It's a Vulnerability Scanner & Penetration Test system, fully automated and easy to use, with the ability to perform penetration tests with a human-level accuracy and produce Executive and Technical level reports. The Penetrator can also assess vulnerabilities on WiFi networks.
WifiGem and SecPoint Protector
  • The WifiGem and SecPoint products

    WifiGem can work in conjunction with Secpoint products to achieve maximum security on your network. The SecPoint Protector can monitor, filter and prioritize Internet traffic from devices connected to the WifiGem Captive Portal.

    The SecPoint Protector Web Filter can block access to specific internet categories, such as sites containing adult material, sites with hacking/cracking information, phishing sites, sites containing violence, nudity, pirated software, viruses, etc.

    The SecPoint Protector Traffic Shaper can be used to prioritize traffic to/from specific IP addresses or port numbers, in order, for example, to reserve a minimum bandwidth to your business LAN and offer the rest to the Guest LAN.

    The SecPoint Protector can also work to protect the entire network when it's placed on top of the other network devices.

  • Together for 100% Network Services

    WifiGem and the SecPoint Protector can be put in any network environment and will work together to offer the best of their respective features.

    • If you want to filter internet access, you should place the Protector between the guest network and the Internet. You may filter the Guest network only or choose to filter the Guest network and your network.
    • If you want to use WifiGem in Standard Mode, the WifiGem server can be placed anywhere on the network, in the same LAN segment as the Protector.
    • If the Protector is located on top of your network, it can be used to protect the entire LAN, besides filtering Web access. In this configuration, you may benefit of the whole set of features: Firewall, Mail proxy and Mail filter, Anti Spam and Anti Virus, Intrusion Prevention etc.
    • The WifiGem and the Protector systems can be installed indifferently in the hardware or in the virtual versions.

    For any request or custom network design, don't hesitate to contact us.

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