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What WifiGem is

  • First of all, a Captive Portal

    A Captive Portal is a system dedicated to a WiFi network's access management. It allows the network manager to leave the WiFi network open, but still requires users to authenticate before they can access the Internet. Its main function is to force unauthenticated users to a specific web page through which they can enter their login credentials. Once authenticated, the users can browse the Internet. Without authentication, they will always be redirected to the login page.

  • Integrated with Social Media

    Social Media integration means that the user, to authenticate to the WiFi network, can use the credentials of its favorite Social Media. The benefit is immediate: the user gains access to the Internet without having to ask anyone for credentials; the manager must not create new access codes for each new user. But for the manager it's above all a long-term benefit, because the profile the user provides through Social Media will remain stored on the Dashboard for statistical analysis and promotional campaings. Basically, the users give a bit of information about themselves in exchange for a temporary access to the Internet. Learn more about the Power Share program.

People connecting to WifiGem Captive Portal
WifiGem is a free WiFi Captive Portal and a Marketing tool
  • Dedicated to FREE WiFi

    Free WiFi doesn't mean total and unconditional access to the Internet, but under the standards chosen by the manager. WifiGem allows you to configure every aspect of the users' connections, in terms of time and amount of data. You can decide who can connect, for how long, how many times a day, which days of the week and at what time. And then, how much data traffic users can generate for each period of time: per session, hour, day, week, month or in total.

  • A marketing tool

    In the pages before login, you can let the user browse your official website or a specific promotional site. Here you can show news, promotions and advertise your business. You can also choose to let users browse a certain set of websites without login. This feature is especially useful for on-line booking and e-commerce systems.

  • Equipped with a powerful Dashboard

    WifiGem's Dashboard has a web interface and lets the system administrator manage connections to the WiFi network and monitor its usage. The Dashboard shows real-time network usage in terms of time, connected users and amount of traffic. It allows to make a historical analyses of the login information, both by single user and in total. Moreover, through the Dashboard, the system administrator can manage users and groups defining their access profile, manage hotspots, enable or not the login throught social media.

The WifiGem dashboard is powerful and easy to use